rafting di malang,Vacation is where some people take free from work and learning system. Typically, vacationing office people or who are generally called by the company outing done in holyday month beetwen september until december.

On the moon. September generally coincides with the moon. outing companies or institutions. It fits perfectly. Where all family members can gather and have a Quality Time for the holidays. Karna following the end of a school holiday for your children. Surely you must provide a special holiday experience, fun and certainly useful (One of them Outbound Malang). There are so many attractions that offer educational travel plans.


There are no different attractions that are more interesting and educate your child. Namely Outbound Tourism Malang. One of the smartest options in Malang. With outdoor plans closer to nature. Equipped with complete facilities, friendly instructors, and a variety of games that educate and characterize your child.

Outbound locations such as:

Outbound Malang Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti

Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti is the source of the Songgoriti source bath, the source of the Majapahit kingdom. The tourist location is so vast, with a beautiful artificial lake, a playground for your kids, a tourist market for souvenir hunting merchandise as well as outbound complete means like flying fox, two-line bridges and spider sites.

Outbound Malang Coban Rais

Its place in Coban Rais outbound natural waterfall. With spacious camping space. A place so close to nature makes it more intimate with nature

Rafting di malang Coban Rondo

Almost the same as Rais Coban, Coban Rondo is also a natural waterfall. But places in the mountains for a different sensation with the distinctive features of the cool mountain air. And according to the slogan “Not Juicet Waterfall”. Coban rondo also brings a variety of labyrinths like other rides, horticultural gardens, deer, mountain biking room, riding room, tubing, white water rafting etc


Educational tourism is an activity or a trip that is done for recreation to further highlight the element of education. Malang is a popular tourist destination of this education. Like the Children’s Wildlife Museum you may be more aware of the interesting facts about the animal world through an attractive diorama. The Secret Zoo Stone and the wildlife museum, but the secret zoo has a collection of more interesting living animals packaged in a modern zoo plan.

With a good choice of Outbound Malang location. Outbound Tourism Malang travelers are getting more popular. Because of this educational tour is indeed in search. This kind of thing shows that unless tourists can enjoy the beauty of the tour, but also get the knowledge packed into the outbound tour of Malang.


Let’s have a vacation that makes a different impression on your child. Wait will not join us for the best experience Outbound Malang. Outbound providers provide a variety of packages of choice for families, adult packages, and packages for children, all equipped with a wide selection of diverse natural places and materials suitable for different ages and the needs and cost that are affordable for each package. Come, visit our site for service and reservation at http://baturafting.co.id//

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